EXCELcast: Aaron Dworkin

In this EXCELcast, Aaron Dworkin—former Dean of the School of Music, Theatre & Dance—discusses his 2017-2018 courses offered at the University. Aaron Dworkin is the founder of the Sphinx Organization, an incredible organization dedicated to promoting diversity in the Arts.

Dworkin explains the difficulties and effort that he went through in order to form the Sphinx organization, and both discuss the opportunities that can be found through the University and EXCEL today. Dworkin’s class on Creative Entrepreneurship highlights how to think like an entrepreneur, establishing a mindset in order to turn ideas into stable enterprises, and much more.

His second class—Arts Leadership Forum—brought in well-known artists and entrepreneurs to talk to students about getting past those initial barriers in starting an organization. Dworkin expands on the opportunities that students can look for today in pursuing entrepreneurship through the arts, and he furthermore gives inspiring advice to those who wish to follow through with ideas they might have for the future of the Arts.

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