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Disability in Casting

Friends, for today’s blog post, I need you to think back to a year ago today. We were 8 months into the pandemic and couldn’t tell Monday from Friday. I, […]

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Hamilton: Marginalized Representation in Casting (Part Two)

We’re BACK!  How are we? Hanging on by a thread? I’m just going to assume that everyone reading this is in the same boat: counting the seconds until the end […]

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Marginalized Representation in Casting (Part One)

Last weekend my friends and I held a presentation party. For any of you who aren’t familiar with them, presentation parties are arguably the worst thing to come out of […]

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It’s Over, It’s Done, It’s Canceled* Part 1

*Disclaimers *Disclaimer #1: I’m not an expert. I’ve spent ~19 hours doing intensive google searching, 3 hours debating with friends, and most of my life thinking about what does and […]